Lake Strom Thurmond

Lake Strom Thurmond has a wide variety of hiking and biking trails located around the lake for outdoor enjoyment.  The highlight of the trail system around the lake is the 27 mile long Bartram Trail that runs along the south end of the lake.  This trail is widely used by mountain bicyclers and hikers alike.

Lake Strom ThurmondBartram Trail

Bartram Trail is a very nice and well-marked 27 mile trail that starts at the West Dam area and finishes near Keg Creek.  Primarily for hiking and biking, there are skill levels for all adventurers on this trail.  The trail is well maintained by the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA).  Entrances to this magnificent trail can be found at the West Dam area, Petersburg Campground, Wildwood Park, Lake Springs Park, and other entrances along the roadways.

The first six miles of the trail starting at West Dam is for beginner level hikers and bikers.  The smooth trails provide easy riding for those that are just getting into the sport.  The more challenging segments can be found later in the course near Keg Creek and between Petersburg Campground and Wildwood Park.

Whatever your skill level, you will want to get out and check out this trail.

Lake Springs Loop Trail

Lake Spring Trail offers 2.7 miles of trail near the Lake Springs recreation area.  This wonderful trail includes 1.3 miles of paved trail that runs along Lake Strom Thurmond leading to an observation tower with spectacular views of the lake.  This trail is an off-shoot of the much longer Bartram Trail.  You can enter and enjoy both trails from the Lake Springs area.

Other trails

There are many other trails located around the lake in the various parks, campgrounds, and state parks.  You can find many of these while camping or visiting this great lake.  Enjoy Lake Strom Thurmond.