Cabin Rentals

Lake Strom Thurmond

Lake Strom Thurmond is a 71,000 acre outdoors paradise.  This amazing lake is located on the border of South Carolina and Georgia and is the 3rd largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River.  You will find some of the best fishing and camping in the eastern United States at Lake Strom Thurmond.

One of the best ways to get out and enjoy the lake is to rent a cabin especially if you do not want to camp outdoors.  Many of the state parks offer cabins for rent and most are very high quality.  Staying in a state park is a great way to experience all Lake Strom Thurmond has to offer.

Below are the cabin rentals that we know of on Lake Strom Thurmond:

Lake Strom ThurmondHickory Knob State Park

Hickory Knob State Park is located on the South Carolina side of the lake and has many cabins and even a lodge for your stay on Lake Strom Thurmond.  The amenities of the park are vast and include a lakeside golf course, archery range, tennis courts, swimming pool, and more.  If you want to enjoy some of the best cabins and lodging on the lake, check out Hickory Knob State Park.

1591 Resort Dr.

McCormick, SC 29835

Lake Strom ThurmondElijah Clark State Park

With 20 beautiful cabins or cottages located lakeside, Elijah State Park is one of the best places to rent a cabin on Lake Strom Thurmond.  These cabins are well maintained and offer up beautiful views of the lake and surrounding flora. If you like being lakeside in your stay, we cannot recommend these cabins enough.

2959 McCormick Highway

Lincolnton, GA 30817


Lake Strom ThurmondMistletoe State Park

Mistletoe State Park offers 10 two-bedroom cabins for rent that are located right on the lake.  This state park is on the Georgia side of the lake.  Renting one of these fun cabins is a great way to experience the lake without camping outdoors.  There are plenty of hiking and biking trails within this park as well.

3725 Mistletoe Road

Appling, GA 30802


Soap Creek Marina

If you prefer to stay somewhere other than a state park, you will enjoy the three bedroom and two bedroom cabins offered by Soap Creek Marina.  Located on the Georgia side of the lake, these lakeside cabins are relaxing and enjoyable.

3000 Soap Creek Lodge Rd

Lincolnton, Georgia 30817



Get out and enjoy Lake Strom Thurmond!