Boat Ramps

Lake Strom Thurmond

Lake Strom Thurmond has many boat ramps to access this 71,000 acre masterpiece.  We are going to list all of the boat ramps that we know of below, but understand we may be missing a few because there are so many.  Whichever boat ramp you choose, get out and enjoy the lake and all it has to offer.

South Carolina Boat Ramps

Modoc Campground boat ramp

Hawe Creek boat ramp

Below Dam area boat ramp

Clarks Hill Park boat ramp

Scotts Ferry ramp

Modoc ramp

Parksville ramp

Dordon Creek ramp

Leroys Ferry ramp

Mt. Carmel ramp

Mt. Pleasant ramp

Calhoun Falls boat ramp


Georgia Boat Ramps

Bussey Point Campground boat ramp

Big Hart Campground boat ramp

Winfield Campground boat ramp

Ridge Road Campground boat ramp

Petersburg Campground boat ramp

Morrahs boat ramp

Gill Point boat ramp

Murry Creek ramp

Chamberlain Ferry ramp

Double Branches ramp

Leathersville ramp

Amity park ramp

Big Hart park ramp

Keg Creek ramp

Lake Springs Park ramp

Below Dam boat ramp