Lake Strom Thurmond

Also known as Clarks Hill Lake

About Lake Strom Thurmond

Lake Strom Thurmond, also known as Clarks Hill Lake, is a massive lake with over 71,000 surface acres on the border of South Carolina and Georgia just north of the city of Augusta, Georgia.  The Lake Thurmond Dam was finished in 1952 creating Lake Strom Thurmond along the Savanah River.  This majestic lake is surrounded by pine trees that sit right along the banks.  The lake is popular for recreational activities including camping, fishing, boating, skiing, hiking, and much more.

Surrounding the Lake are numerous parks including five state parks, seven US Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, and at least seven other day-use parks that facilitate the recreational activities around Lake Strom Thurmond.  There are six commercial marinas on the lake and over 20 boat ramps around the lake to handle all of your boating needs.

On or around Lake Strom Thurmond you will find:

State Parks

If you are looking to visit or camp in a state park, there are five to choose from on Lake Strom Thurmond.   Included are three state parks on the South Carolina side of the lake and two on the Georgia side.  All of the state parks vary in amenities and facilities, but all are beautiful and should be enjoyed.

Hamilton Branch State Park (SC)

Hamilton Branch is a serene 731 acre park on the South Carolina side of Lake Strom Thurmond.  This park has over 12 miles of trails for hiking and biking.  Inside the park grounds, you will find 150 campsites most of which are waterfront.

Baker Creek State Park (SC)

Baker Creek State Park is the most remote and natural of the state parks located on the lake.  This park is operated seasonally, but has 50 nice campsites.  There is a one mile Wild Mint Nature Trail and a ten mile hiking and biking trail.  This park is the least crowded of the state parks.

Hickory Knob State Park (SC)

Hickory Knob is a resort park located right on the lake.  Inside the park you will find resort lodge, cabins, 44 campsites, golf course, archery range, meeting facilities, and park restaurant.  This is a beautiful resort area that is great for meetings, family reunions, or weekend getaways.

Elijah Clark State Park (GA)

Elijah Clark State Park is our favorite state park on Lake Strom Thurmond.  This park has it all for the outdoorsman.  There are very nice cottages (cabins) for rent.  You will also find 175 campsites, a fishing pier, swim beach, 3.75 miles of hiking trails, archery, mini-golf, and more within this beautiful park.

Mistletoe State Park (GA)

Mistletoe State Park is an exquisite park on the southwest end of Lake Strom Thurmond.  Inside this park you will find 11 cottages for rent, 100 campsites, sandy beach (seasonal), 15.5 miles of trails, canoe rentals, and more.

Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds

There are seven campgrounds on the lake operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  There is a wide range of facilities from very well maintained to remote camping.  Our favorite campground on the lake is Petersburg campground on the south end of the lake.  This beautiful campground has many lakeside campsites on one of the most majestic parts of the lake.

Day-Use Parks

There are many day-use parks located around Lake Strom Thurmond.  The highlight of the day-use parks is Clarks Hill Park on the south end of the lake near the dam.  You will find two wonderful swim beach areas, picnic tables, and one of the best boat ramps on the lake.


Six commercial marinas provide all your boating needs on Lake Strom Thurmond.  These marinas are located in all corners of the lake.  You can find more information about the marinas here.


Bartram Trail is a 27 mile hiking and biking trail that runs along the south end of the lake.  This spectacular trail is lined by pine trees and other hardwoods.  You can also see wild game including turkey, deer, quail, rabbits, and plenty of squirrels.  There are many entry points along the trail including Petersburg Campground, Wildwood Park, Lake Springs, and West Dam day use areas.  The Bartram Trail is a highlight of the lake and can be enjoyed by any outdoor adventurer.


Fishing is very popular at Lake Strom Thurmond.  You can catch large-mouth bass, bream, crappie, catfish, striped bass and hybrid bass.  If you really want to get out and enjoy the lake and catch some fish you can hire one of the many fishing guides that service Lake Strom Thurmond.  Fishing piers are located at Below Dam Park South Carolina, Clarks Hill Park, Lake Springs, Petersburg Campground, and Amity.  Fishing licenses are required, but you can have either a South Carolina or Georgia fishing license to fish on Lake Strom Thurmond.


Lake Strom Thurmond / Clarks Hill Lake is one of the best lakes in the southeastern United States.  You will enjoy the beauty and serenity of the lake while taking on many of the outdoor activities that the lake has to offer.  If you enjoy camping, fishing, recreational boating, sailing, skiing, swimming hiking, or biking, you will love Lake Strom Thurmond.

The lake was created by the J. Strom Thurmond Dam in 1951 and 1952.  This massive lake runs along the Savannah River, but also shares parts of the Little River and Broad River.  There are over 1,200 miles of shoreline surrounding this beautiful lake.

This lake is unique in that it is really called by two names.  For its early year, the lake was called Clarks Hill Lake and is still recognized by that name today officially by the state of Georgia.  In 1987, the lake was renamed nationally by United States Congress to honor long-time South Carolina senator Strom Thurmond.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love visiting Lake Strom Thurmond.


You can camp at any of the state parks or the Corps of Engineer campgrounds.  Find information on camping right here.

Boat Rentals

Enjoy a day on the lake by renting a boat.  You can find boat rental information right here.

Cabin Rentals

Renting a lake cabin or cottage is a wonderful way to experience Lake Strom Thurmond.  You can find information on cabin rentals here.